New Spring Botanical Jewelry Line Launch

We are excited to introduce and launch a new line of botanical jewelry this Spring!  We pride ourselves in anything that is natural, floral, or plant oriented.  The new collection lets us explore our love for unique jewelry and also incorporates some of our favorite natural elements in each piece. 

Artist Info:

Allison Fomich is a jewelry maker, sculptor, and upholsterer living in Baltimore City.  She is inspired by the places where the urban environment and nature meet. In her city garden and surrounding parks, she watches the passing seasons and creates jewelry from objects she collects there.  Her line of preserved botanical jewelry captures the intimate experience with nature with one of a kind specimen and impressions of organic objects in metal.


Copper Cuff Bracelets

Copper Cuff Bracelets


1 Inch Copper Cuff Bracelets

1 Inch Copper Cuff Bracelets


Brass Earrings

Brass Earrings


Copper Earrings

Copper Earrings


Brass Earrings

Brass Earrings

The process in making this jewelry is very fascinating.  Below you will find some of the different ways this jewelry is created.  Each with a different and creative natural touch. 

~Pressed Nature Jewelry~

This is a process of collecting leaves, flower petals, ferns, feathers, maple seeds, etc.  She then presses them into metal to create one of a kind pieces of jewelry.  The organic matter is sandwiched between 2 pieces of metal and hand cranked through heavy steel rollers.  The impression left is like a fossil, each unique. 

~Electroformed Nature Jewelry~

This is a process of collecting organic specimens seasonally, such as acorns, maple seeds, and budding branches in the spring, etc.  She coats them in a multi-step process making the items electrically conductive.  She then electroforms these items in a thick layer of copper.  Electroforming is a plating process where the object sits in a copper acid bath slowly plating up to 24 hours in some cases.  A thick layer of copper is deposited around the item making it suitable and strong enough for jewelry.  Each piece has a preserved specimen inside the copper.

~Bronze Cast Preserved Nature Jewelry~

Each piece is collected in Baltimore’s own Patterson Park.  She trys to find different specimens that have an interesting character.  Delicate and sculptural, these little pieces are unique.

While the weather outside is still freezing, we are gearing up for a fabulous Spring.  Come check out all of our new fun plants and awesome botanical jewelry line!  The greenhouses are a great escape from that chill outside.  We hope to see you soon!


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